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SF art exposition

Cross posted to starfoxzero

I am ready to try a bold experiment with the StarFox community and other Anthro fans

A themed art exposition every month. A theme will be voted on and people can create to their hearts content.

I figure that subjects not specifically covered in the SF universe would work best that way people can add their own creations to mix and have a lot of fun doing it:

Media: Any , that’s right! ANY. This means:
drawing, painting, poetry, literature, sculpture, voice recording, flash movies, wood carving, tattooing, glass blowing, musical MP3’s, chalk on the sidewalk, lego, data sheets, tech diagrams, roleplaying character sheets, any other art styles that can be posted online,

What’s not allowed?

  • Anything that is really illegal ;)

  • No hate material

  • flamage

  • no hard core porn please :=)

  • An announcement of themes would be made at the beginning of the month. Anyone wanting to participate would come up with a name for their piece in progress and have a month to do it

  • After a few days I would post the list of works in progress so that we have something to look forward to.

  • During the month we can all discuss and come up with the theme for the next month.

  • This is not a contest just a way of exploring new avenues in the genre and coming up with something neat

  • This will also be posted on SF forums, links will be added to submissions there so we can see each others work

  • At the end of the month I will stick the posts on a website and everyone else is allowed to as well as long as they credit the makers of the art :=)

P.S. Characters/Ships from your own Anthro/SF universes are completely welcome

Theme ideas are being posted at starfoxzero
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