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New member here.

Hello. I'm known as Marauder online and in the furry fandom. Although I'm not much of a video game player myself, I do love the characters of Star Fox, especially Fox McCloud. Hey, he's just so cool! Not to mention he's cute and smart, too. I'm a Road Rovers fan, and I've written (and co-written) a few stories which are crossovers of both the Road Rover and Star Fox universe, and I'm hoping to complete another one sometime next year. If anyone wishes to read the ones that are completed, here are the links:

Close Encounters of the Rover Kind
Fox's First Christmas

BTW, I've compiled this list for music at I think classical music seems to go with this universe better than any other kind, but that's just me.

Anyway, it's nice to finally be part of this community. GO FOX!
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*Smiles softly*

Heya there... ^^ Nice ta meet'cha... And yes, Fox is a cutie... Hehe...
Your stories are really cool. I like the script format and the end fight of Close Encounters was a neat surprise. You really know your classical music too, which adds a lot to the mental picture.