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Fox and Krystal

Okay. Since it's St. Valentine's Day, I thought I'd raise this topic. During the last game (Starfox Assault), we've noticed some things come up between both Fox and Krystal. For instance, when they're on Sauria, Tricky asks Fox and Krystal if they will be returning to the planet on their honeymoon, Fox replies "We're not there yet." Of course, Tricky points that out, causing Fox to change the subject. But from the way that Fox and Krystal behave affectionately toward each other, it appears that they are falling in love. Any thoughts?
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I think starting from her introduction in Starfox Adevntures one could see that they were going to have some sort of intimate relationship. I believe it will develop kind of on the side of the stories of the upcoming games, as it did in Assault.
Well, it was kind of obvious that Fox had a mega-crush on Krystal in Starfox Adventures, no? In my mind, they're already there long ago by Assault.

In fact, my LJ friendslist was treated to a childish tauntrum about how I felt cheated at the end of Adventures, when I didn't get any Fox/Krystal action. Because it was that obvious.

This is pretty much the official evidence which everyone wanted to know about Fox's true emotions towards Krystal.

By the way, wasn't StarFox Assault released on Valentine's Day last year?! If so, then this year's Valentine's Day marked the one year anniversary of the release of the game!