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da_cult_of_fox's Journal

The Cult of Fox McCloud
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I looked around LJ and noticed something, there are communities dedicated to video games, bands, people, book/TV/Anime characters and other video game characters, but one thing hit me in the face like my mother's cast iron skillet; there wasn't ANYTHING dedicated to Fox McCloud. So now I have done what others have not, I've put up a little place for all those Fox fans out there to rant and rave about whatever the hell they want, while sharing a common interest with others; the cute fuzzy guy who blows stuff up. Enjoy your stay folks and feel free to talk about whatever you want!

~Skunk on a Spit™


This community DOES have furries as members, this means there may be particularly violent artwork and or X rated material within. If you chose to join and view this material you can, in NO way; hold any of us responsible if you are offended or caught viewing it. To those of you whom are posting violent/X-rated material, you are required to give a warning and use an LJ cut. Failure to do so will result in being banned from the community. Thank you for your cooperation.