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Some more new that you will like to know

Hey again...


Okay, I did stop by a game store yesterday and got it confirmed... Starfox is gonna be out on the 15th... But you already knew that...

But here's the other news... Some of you, from what I've read in you old post, were wondering where you can purchase some Starfox merchandise... Well, if your like me, I like to collect even the advertising signs and boxes or the game. All you gotta do is ask the store manager if you can have them... I was told, since I did ask what they do with all the banners and all, that they usually throw them out on the last Sunday of the month... But, if you want them, ask if they will let you have it... I was told I can have the banners and boxes for free... All the advertising stuff... FOR FREE... You can't beat that... So, on the last Sunday of this month, I am gonna swing by and pick them up... Hehe!!!

I don't know what they do over where you all are at, but here, they told me the last Sunday, so you might want to ask and see what days they throw them out, so you don't miss the chance to get you some free merchandise...
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